I founded my company in the 70s, when the world of the Italian boat was made only by a small group of enthusiasts.
I never thought about my company as an industry or a commercial reality, I've always considered a craft workshop.

A workshop of ideas and projects serving the customer, who should be listened to, interpreted and guided towards the best choice.

This is because, even though we live in a society of "consumed as quickly as possible and throw" I'm still convinced that the refrigerator on board is something that should last as long as the boat itself.
Utopia? Not if you design in a responsible manner, using the best materials and precise techniques and cutting edge.

Today I am particularly proud that my sons will pursue this idea: the creation of great products, manufactured in accordance with customer requirements, intended to last forever.

Giuliano Pavan
The founder

               There was a time when Italy was a great laboratory of ideas and projects, and marine pleasure industry just a small draft sketched by few entrepreneurs.
There was a time when people worked with their head, heart and hands, dirtying them with toil and sweat.
There was a time when tools and capital were missing, but not the tenacity, the will and the desire for redemption.
It’s in this context that Giuliano Pavan founded the basis of its business. Stainless steel refrigerators construction: products designed in a responsible way, using the best materials and innovative techniques, products designed to last forever.
The road was always uphill, because doing it alone costed enormous efforts, because business’ risk meant troubles for the family, because economic crises and political myopic decisions overwhelmed the sectors of luxury with periodical damn. But the entrepreneurial skills, tenacity and professionalism reward Giuliano and the workshop become over the years a dynamic company, known worldwide. A business which today generates work for many people, technology and wealth. A company that today is an orphan of its founder, but it never will be orphan of his vision.
The best tribute that we can give to Giuliano is just to continue the activity with professionalism and competence, with passion, as he would do.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fam. Pavan



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