Common characteristics

Some technical elements, which characterize all our Custom fridges and freezers, have been identify thanks to a no-stop research and a long building experience.

The furniture's' external walls are made in sea plywood, while the internal ones are in polished 304ba stainless steel. The walls structure has been studied to guarantee adequate protection to the furniture from UV rays and steam. In order to allow the cold area to remain well separated and avoid condensed steam on the furniture's frontal part, PVC sections and resistances are placed along the door opening perimeter. The internal lower part of each compartment is shaped so as to allow the condensed steam to gather towards the exhaust which can be easily connected to an outside pipe. 

The insulation, which width changes in accordance with the different needs, is made of foamed polyurethane, with no CFC, injected with high densities under press. 
The inside space offers several solutions: set or adjustable shelves, sliding drawers, cylinders or oblique shelves for bottles, etc